Advocates Kick Off Next Redistricting Reform Effort with Gerrymandering Survey Sent to Candidates for Governor

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On Tuesday, CHANGE Illinois, as a member of the Illinois Redistricting Collaborative, sent an 18-question gerrymandering survey to all the candidates running to be governor of Illinois.  Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Chicago, the Better Government Association, Business and Professional People for the Public Interest, Citizen Advocacy Center, Common Cause Illinois, League of Women Voters Illinois, NAACP Chicago – South Side Branch, Small Business Advocacy Council, and the Chicago Chapter of the Centrist Project have joined CHANGE Illinois in this effort elicit the candidates’ views on gerrymandering. The survey asks candidates whether they support ending the practice of gerrymandering, an established political practice in Illinois designed to protect incumbents from competitive elections. The gerrymandering survey response deadline is Tuesday, January 23rd. Each gubernatorial candidate’s response to the survey will be shared with the press and the public and posted online here. This gerrymandering survey to get gubernatorial candidates on-the-record is just the first step in addressing the need for redistricting reform. CHANGE Illinois and its partner organizations, in the Illinois Redistricting Collaborative, plan on using the 2018 elections as an opportunity to raise public awareness about gerrymandering.

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