Organizations Vow to Continue to Fight

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With no resolution in sight for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), which has coordinated support for immigrants eligible for DACA, will continue to offer information and assistance regarding this program.  “Our members have been providing DACA renewal workshops throughout the state,” ICIRR CEO Lawrence Benito said.  “We’ve helped thousands of young people renew their applications in response to the administration’s attempt to end the program and put 800,000 young people who’ve lived in the U.S. most of their lives at risk of deportation. We will continue to provide this critical support.” In addition to assisting with DACA renewals, ICIRR and its members will continue organizing for a permanent solution for these young people. With the recent failure of Congress to pass a legislative fix, Benito said ICIRR is pivoting its efforts toward an electoral push. “Nothing but a legislative fix will provide permanent protections,” said Benito. “Congress failed us once again–but we won’t give up,” said Angel, a youth leader from the South Suburban Immigrant Project (SSIP) in Bolingbrook.  SSIP and other organizations throughout the state will be registering tens of thousands of immigrant voters and ensuring that they vote this November as part of ICIRR’s New Americans Democracy Project. For a list of the latest DACA workshops, please visit

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