Vehicle owner and friend charged in false car-jacking

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Two Chicago residents were charged Sunday with making false claims to Cicero Police regarding the theft of their car in Cicero, falsely claiming their vehicle being “car-jacked” with a 4-year-old child abducted in the vehicle’s back seat. The two individuals, male Jeremy L. Ingram and female Zada Williams, who filed the false Police 911 reports, have been charged with Felony Disorderly Conduct. Both individuals appeared in bond court Monday morning. The initial 911 call was made at 1 pm on Saturday. Suspects Jeremy L. Ingram and his female friend Zada Williams initially reported their car had been car-jacked. The alleged car-jacking had taken place at 5011 W. Cermak Road (22nd Street) in the Town of Cicero.

Cicero Police immediately responded to the car-jacking claim, conducting a search of the area and checked video surveillance in the surrounding area with local businesses and retail establishments. They also alerted surrounding police agencies of the vehicles identity seeking assistance. As the investigation was proceeding, Williams, at the urging of Ingram, called 911 and falsely claimed that Ingram’s nephew was in the back of the car-jacked vehicle. Williams is the actual owner of the vehicle, a 2010 red Chevy Malibu. Fearing the fate of the 4-year-old child, Cicero Police stepped up the investigation by issuing an all-points-bulletin to all surrounding police agencies to assist in the location of the vehicle and now missing child.  During the investigation, Police discovered an inconsistency in the initial report and the 2nd 911 call made by Williams. Ingram had told police his nephew was 4. Williams reported in the 2nd 911 call that the child was only 2-years-old.  Ingram and Williams eventually admitted the information they provided about the car-jacking and the child was all fabricated, but that their car had been stolen. They said they lied to create a higher priority search for their stolen vehicle.  The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office was notified and after a review of the case, felony charges were approved. Both Ingram and Williams were charged with one count of felony disorderly conduct and are scheduled to appear at bond court in the morning in Maywood. The two suspects have a scheduled preliminary hearing for 9 am March 13, 2018 in Room 101 in Maywood.

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