Morton West High School New Freshman Academy Groundbreaking

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Members of the Board of Education, elected officials, community members and administrators gathered on April 4th for the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Morton West High School Freshman Academy addition. The groundbreaking ceremony was a celebration of the team effort to officially initiate the construction of the new Morton West Freshman Academy. The Morton West Freshman Academy is scheduled to open its doors to the Class of 2023 in August 2019. The new main entrance at Morton West with the improved visitor center, students’ services facilities, and more secure layout will be completed by the end of winter break in January 2019. The Morton West Freshman Academy will house the entire freshman class, replicating the program at the Morton East Freshman Center that has demonstrated success. Some of the highlights are classrooms placed closer together to facilitate students traveling in teams and reduce overcrowding. There will also be collaboration areas outside of the classrooms to provide the best possible 21st century learning environment for the students. Another important feature is the freshman dining room. For more information, visit

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