Tips and Habits for Banishing Anxiety for Life

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Health

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Health

School or work can sometimes be stressful, and with looming deadlines, you can easily feel overwhelmed. If you’re having a hard time getting through each day because of your anxiety, consider some calming exercises. Taking a “weird” break can help you escape a stifling routine so you can have a healthier and happier perspective. We all need vacations, and our brain needs a break too. If the methods you use to manage stress aren’t as effective, it may be time to try some new and weird tips like the ones below:

Call a friend you’ve lost contact with for more than a year – Reconnecting with old friends can help you see life from a new perspective.

Go outside and spent one minute feeling the grass – This exercise will help you channel your inner kid. Focus on the grass and breathe.

Laugh hard at a joke that isn’t that funny – This doesn’t mean you can be rude to the person telling the joke. Focus on laughing to help manage your stress and release some much-needed endorphins. (Related: People who don’t take themselves too seriously tend to have greater psychological well-being, according to study on humor.)

Move items from one side of your desk to the other – If you’re particular about how your desk is arranged, you can try doing this for just for one day. This exercise is about perception. If you’re stressed, a change of perspective can help you calm down.

Use your imagination and meditate – Go to a quiet spot, and imagine how it would feel to fly like a bird. Sometimes, having fun with your imagination and taking a break is all you need to relax.

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