Hernandez Fighting to Expand Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence, Other Crimes

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State Representative Elizabeth “Lisa” Hernandez, D-Cicero, is pushing for legislation that would put guidelines in place to ensure victims of domestic violence and other crimes like human trafficking have fair and equal access to Nonimmigrant U and T visas. “Donald Trump’s hateful agenda has devastated immigrant communities like the ones I represent,” Rep. Hernandez said. “It’s become clear that contrary to what they say in public, Bruce Rauner and his Republican allies in Washington have no interest in keeping families together. That is why we must take matters into our own hands and do what we can to protect vulnerable members of our society.” Hernandez is the chief sponsor of Senate Bill 34, which would require law enforcement and other investigative agencies to respond to certifications for U visa applicants and T visa applications for survivors of human trafficking no later than 90 business days after receiving the request. These certifications would not grant any immigration benefit. Determining visa eligibility still remains the exclusive responsibility of federal immigration officials.

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