About the Korean Peninsula

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryPersonally, I could care less about who wins the U.S. mid-term elections. BUT, there is one thing that does concern me, and should concern ALL Americans. It is what is happening on the Korean peninsula now. What many Americans may not know is that a leftist government came to power in questionable elections held last year. What is equally questionable is what happened to the former South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Park Geun-hye, a pro-American president, was overthrown in a political coup by a largely leftist National Assembly which most likely took money from China and North Korea. The political left, having virtually destroyed all opposition to them, easily won the national elections held last year and their man, Moon Jae-in, is now president. Current South Korean President Moon is now doing things that are thoroughly questionable and may not only jeopardize the national security of not only the Republic of Korea (South Korea) but America’s national security as well.

For one he has jailed any and all leaders of the conservative opposition. Many conservative media personalities are now finding themselves in jail or on trial for “libel lawsuits” and “tax evasion.” None of this is true, and there is no question that Moon is going after the opposition to try and silence them. Second, he is dismantling part of the defenses along various parts of the Demilitarized Zone with North Korea, even though North Korea has not done the same (we have to remember that North Korea is still keeping its nuclear weapons). Finally, Moon has suppressed any and all information about how he and his supporters took over the government in so many ways illegally in order to carry out their plans of creating a Confederation with North Korea that is favorable with both North Korea and China. None of this is good for the United States or its allies (especially Japan). Almost none of this is being reported in the U.S. news media, and this for me is so unnerving to put it mildly. Because of these leftists, South Korea could go rogue, and most Americans will not know why.

But it is important that this is known. We have to remember that 28,000 plus Americans are serving in South Korea along with some of their families housed over there. A leftist government in South Korea can and is a serious danger to us all in one form or another. South Korean President Moon is no friend of the United States, but he is careful not to play his hand too much against America for now. But there is more than enough evidence to show that Moon is a great deceiver. We know from U.S. intelligence reports that South Korea has violated United Nations sanctions on illegal trade with North Korea by letting North Korea coal and raw materials go through South Korean ports with third parties (most notably Russia and China). We know that Mr. Moon has almost complete control of the South Korean mainstream news media through the unions and key people he had put in charge of the major newspaper and TV companies. Only the conservative media is free from his control, but he is doing what he can to suppress them.

He is waiting for the day when he can get American troops to leave South Korea and turn South Korea into a socialist state under China’s control. This is what he is really working for. Think about how this will affect American soldiers stationed in South Korea now. Think about how this will affect our sons, our daughters, our husbands and wives, our sisters and brothers. This is something that goes well beyond Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Green. Our loved ones could be in danger of a country that may turn hostile towards them or threaten them. This is something that we as a people should urge our leaders and our representatives to think about. We have to remember that Venezuela started out this way before it became the leftist, socialist dictatorship hell hole that it is now. But this involves American soldiers and in part our national security and we should be aware of this.

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