ROMA Wins Three Oscars

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Alfonso Cuarón: ‘This film wouldn’t exist if it’s not from Mexico’

By: Nikoleta Morales

This year’s 91st Academy Awards, the Oscars, were an exciting time not just for me as I covered it for the first time but also for the award-winning film “Roma” taking home three Oscars – Best Cinematography, Best Foreign Film and Best Director (Alfonso Cuarón). What does that mean for Mexico? Everything! It opens up the door for more Mexican inspired films and stories, as well as talent in Hollywood, to get the recognition they all deserved. “I’m thrilled that this has happened and most importantly that audiences around the world and the Academy are embracing a character who is a domestic worker from an indigenous background,” said Alfonso Cuarón.

Alfonso also spoke in regards to Yalitza Aparicio and why he chose her for the film as she was also nominated for Best Actress. She has never acted before and this was her first Oscar nomination straight off her first film: “When she walked into the room, I knew it. It was as simple as that.  And by the way, it is amazing to observe her work, to watch her work.  It’s as if this woman can do whatever she wants.  Just think about this.  She had never done a film before.  Half of the dialogue is in Mixteco.  She doesn’t speak Mixteco.  She learned Mixteco for the film with a perfect not only intonation and accent, but also emotionally truthful.” 

Mexico can’t be more proud of “Roma,” Yalitza and Alfonso. This is what he said about Mexico and what it means to him: “This is a Mexican film. This award belongs to Mexico.  It’s a Mexican film in every single front. It’s not that 95 percent of the crew was a Mexican crew. But the thematic, the country, the landscape, everything is Mexico.  This film doesn’t exist if it’s not from Mexico. I could not be here if it was not because of Mexico.” So thank you Mexico and Alfonso for “Roma” and its huge success! 

Photo credit: Alfonso Cuarón poses backstage with the Oscar® for achievement in directing, cinematography and best foreign language film during the live ABC Telecast of The 91st Oscars® at the Dolby® Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Sunday, February 24, 2019.

credit: Mike Baker / ©A.M.P.A.S.

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