Valentine’s Day Meal

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By: Barilla’s Executive Chef Chef Lorenzo Boni

Don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day yet? Don’t worry – there’s no better way to show your love than with a home cooked meal. To help you up-level any meal, Barilla’s Executive Chef Lorenzo Boni offers several fool-proof tips to celebrate this special occasion:

Add dried rose petals and edible flowers: Use dried rose petals with a pesto dish for a romantic garnish—or better yet—create your own fresh pesto using edible flowers.

Dye your pasta red: From beet water to a red wine reduction, coloring your pasta red creates an appealing dinner that is ready in no time. Pair beet water with crumbled gorgonzola or red wine reduction with a creamy based sauce and a meat ragout.

Sprinkle some crushed pink peppercorn: This fragrant addition to a seafood dish, such as salmon pasta, creates a delectable dining experience.

Craving seafood this Valentine’s Day? Cooking with seafood can be intimidating…. With these simple tips and Chef Lorenzo Boni’s recipe, you will be serving up an elegant and effortless seafood pasta dinner in no time:

Remember with seafood less is more: Buy good quality, fresh fish, and make it shine – don’t overload it with too many other ingredients. Never overcook any seafood to keep it nice and moist.

Always sauté or steam shellfish: In the case of clams, mussels or any seafood in a shell, sauté or steam on the side and fold it in last minute to make sure no sand gets in the sauce.

Add a dash of white wine: Sometimes adding a bit of dry, white wine might enlighten and enhance the flavor of seafood. Using extra virgin olive oil is a better choice as a “fat” than heavier butter, which tends to flatten the delicate flavor of seafood.

Don’t overcook seafood: Shellfish tend to get not only dry but also rubbery and chewy too when overcooked. With white flash fish it is always best to dice it before cooking it to preserve the integrity of the shape.

Always keep the juice: Seafood like clams and mussels usually produce juices as they cook. Let it deposit and filter it before adding it to the jarred sauce.
Cheese isn’t recommended on seafood: You want to highlight the simple, delicate flavor of seafood rather than cover it with the strong flavor of cheese

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