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By Nikoleta Morales

Spanish actor Marc Clotet has starred in several successful series in Spain including, “El Comisario”, “Física o Química”, “Amar es para Siempre”, “El Caso”, and “Tiempos de Guerra” (Morocco: Love in Times of War) currently streaming on Netflix worldwide. From July to December 2018 Marc moved to Mexico City to film the second season of the successful Televisa/Univision series “Por Amar Sin Ley” in which he plays international lawyer Adrian Carvallo. In January of this year he returned to Barcelona where he filmed the series “Las de Hockey” (Les de l’hockey) for TV-3, which premiered in Spain on April 29, 2019 and will be available on Netflix this fall. Currently he is in Madrid shooting the first season of the new highly anticipated series “Madres,” a new television series for Tele 5 in Spain. As an activist, Marc is very passionate in helping the community and supports causes that are of great importance to the well-being of humanity. He has been involved as a humanitarian for the Jane Goodall Institute for many years, an organization that promotes environmental conservation, responsible consumption, and respect towards animals. Read his first English interview with Lawndale News below:

Lawndale Bilingual News: How did you hear about the second Season of “Por Amar Sin Ley”? Tell me a bit about the auditioning process for the role that you have.

Marc Clotet: An year ago I was invited to attend Premios Platino held in Cancun. I was invited as a Spanish talent. I decided to stay in Mexico one more week and get to know people from the industry. I met one of my friends from Spain. He was dating a girl and she was taking part in Season 1 of the show. When we went to dinner I showed her my reel and she liked it and said I want to show that to the producer as they are looking for new actors for the second season. She gave my reel to the producer. We chatted for a bit with the producer and he called me for an audition. He said you are the guy we are looking for and we want you for Season 2. I was very lucky to be there and to find the producer Jose Alberto Castro. I feel so grateful to take part in such an important series in Mexico and the US.

Your character deals with law issues between the US and Mexico – immigration, human trafficking. What did you have to do in order to prep for the role?

The character that I play is Adrian and he is a Spanish lawyer specializing in US cases. He studied in the US. He is the only lawyer with rights to litigate in the US. I was able to take part in the American cases and to travel all over. Before being an actor I studied business and administration and I took some law classes in the University in Florida. I studied law so I was applying things I learned at school. I also did a research for serious cases and talked to people that are lawyers. I tried to get as much information as possible.

What did you learn now after you played the character about the problems of human trafficking and immigration trafficking? How do you see things differently?

I realized it is so important when you travel or live in another country to know all the laws that exist there. When you travel that can be an issue. We had one case of human snuggling in the series – a guy that tried to smuggle a man and he wasn’t getting paid. He was helping him to cross the border. You can get one year in prison for smuggling immigrants. I learned that there are many things that need to be changed in our society. We as humans want to have a nice future for our children and what we need to do is open our borders and give them an opportunity to have a decent life. Governments need to do much more to help people.

Are you planning to crossover to the American market? What is your goal after this?

I would love to keep my career in the US. I feel comfortable acting in English. All cases were shot in the US. I hope this is the first step in the US and a lot of new projects will come soon.

Is there a specific show you are a fan of or films you want to star in?

I love “The Night Of” on HBO, “Orange Is The New Black” and “This Is Us.”

What would you like to say to your fans in America?

We invite them to see the show. It doesn’t matter if they don’t speak Spanish. There will be a lot of cases in English. I have more projects coming up soon. I just finished a series in Netflix in September. I want to keep working. Every character I play I put in 100 percent. I did the “Chess Player” that went to Houston International Film Fest and I won for Best Actor and I feel proud of it. I recommend them to watch it.

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