Budget Increase for Higher Education

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Higher education officials are relieved to see a budget increase for next year, plus a new capital program for repairs and new construction. The FY 2020 state budget includes $154 million in new dollars for higher education in Illinois, or an 8.2 percent increase over the current fiscal year, for an operations and student assistance total of $2.05 billion. The $13.9 million increase for the community college operations and adult education programs represents an increase of five percent over this year.

Highlights of the budget:
Illinois Student Assistance Commission

• A $50 million increase in MAP funding to $451 million, a historic high for the annual appropriation for a statewide grant program that helps make college possible for low income students.

• An increase of $10 million for AIM HIGH grants, bringing the appropriation to $35 million to support eligible students attending Illinois public universities.

Illinois Community College Board:

• An increase of $13.9 million (5 percent) for the community college operating grants and the adult education system.

• $1.0 million increase for transitional math and English.

• $23.8 million in additional dollars for bridge programs and student support services.

Illinois Board of Higher Education:

• A 4.8 percent funding bump ($53 million) for state universities.

• $1 million increase for Grow Your Own, which encourages Illinois parents and others connected to schools to become teachers here in the state.

• A 3 percent increase ($552,000) for the Illinois Math and Science Academy.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

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