Bond Review Appointment Leads to Father’s Detention

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

Courtesy of Organized Communities Against Deportations

Francisco SIlva, father and community leader, was detained at his bond review appointment with ICE this morning in downtown Chicago. Before going inside to meet with ICE agents, Francisco and supporters gathered outside the local ICE office preparing for the uncertain meeting. Once inside, he was taken by two agents in front of his son.  Alderman Carlos Rosa (35th Ward), representatives from Alderwoman Rossana Rodriguez’s office (33rd Ward) and organizers with OCAD (Organized Communities Against Deportations) were also present. 

“There are no words to describe the harm ICE is inflicting upon the Silva family. This morning Francisco was hopeful that ICE would not separate them, but unfortunately this is a common practice for this agency. Our families go into this building only to be kidnapped behind those glass doors.” said Xanat Sobrevilla, deportation defense organizer with OCAD and longtime supporter of the Silva family.

Immediately after receiving the update that ICE detained Francisco, supporters rallying outside published a call to action on social media platforms asking the public to call the local ICE office and demand Francisco’s release. According to Francisco’s attorney, ICE had the opportunity to exercise favorable discretion in his case and honor an immigration bond from 2015. ICE began deportation proceedings against Francisco four years ago when he was released from Statesville Correctional Center in DuPage County. 

In May 2018, Francisco was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and at the recommendation of his criminal defense attorney, he pleaded guilty to the charge. He was sentenced to one year of house arrest under electronic monitoring and had to spend one night at the Stateville Correctional Center to be processed. Last week he completed his sentence and immediately upon his release he was instructed to present himself at the ICE office for bond a review appointment. 

Upon exiting the ICE building without Francisco, Alderman Carlos Rosa stated, “Unfortunately, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has decided to use their discretion to detain Francisco today despite the fact that his court case is not until 2020. He is not a threat to our community, they made the wrong decision today. We attempted to speak with the Acting Director Luis Zamora but he was not available. ICE is sending the message to the community that if you come here you run the risk of being detained here and getting deported.” 

Francisco has lived in Chicago for over 20 years, he is a father and the main provider for his spouse and U.S. citizen son. In 2015, Francisco and his family became involved with OCAD. Over the years they have supported others in their community by speaking publicly against ICE. This afternoon, organizers announced they will be working with the family and Francisco’s attorney to mobilize for his immediate release. Advocates emphasized the local ICE office feels emboldened by the current federal administration to exercise discretion rooted in the separation of families and immigrant detention. 

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