Evening the Odds: Cicero District’s Plan to Uplift the Community

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Cicero District 99 will kick off its popular, long-running Parent University program for the 2019-2020 academic year on Friday, Dec. 6th, by welcoming award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, philanthropist and pilot Jackie Camacho-Ruiz. A Mexico City native who moved to the U.S. at age 14, Camacho-Ruiz now leads a successful marketing and PR agency, JJR Marketing, and is a sought-after speaker who talks to audiences nationwide about topics such as leadership, manifesting your dreams and increasing productivity to accelerate goals. Her keynote talk in Cicero is part of a program that gives parents tools to fight socioeconomic barriers so they can be the support system their children need in order to experience academic and personal growth. The event also will feature a welcome by District 99 superintendent Rodolfo Hernandez and workshops led by local experts and educators, all of which will connect parents with information and resources to help their children reach their goals. Topics include Special Education in District 99, Strategies to Help Early Readers, Childhood Obesity, Financial Literacy and Keeping your Child Safe: Social Media and Gangs. The program will begin at 4p.m. at the Unity Junior High School, 2115 S. 54th Ave., in Cicero.

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