Cicero’s Disabilities Program Aims to Provide Assistance to Those Seeking Guidance

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Among the many initiatives launched by Town President Larry Dominick following his election in 2005 is the town’s programs to provide jobs and expanded services to the town’s developmentally disabled citizens. Cicero’s Disabilities Program offers many benefits, including assistance in applying for many local, state and federal aid and benefits. They include obtaining handicapped parking tags, assisting in completing applications for government benefits, especially Social Security benefits. “One of the most important things we do is to provide opportunities to our developmentally disabled citizens,” said President Dominick. “I have heard from so many families and disabled individuals that the most important thing they want is to have employment. It has given our disabled community a chance to be independent.” Disabled residents who register with the Cicero Disabilities Program also qualify to receive free transportation for all medical appointments, for shopping, as well as other needs. For more information regarding the Town of Cicero’s developmentally disabled services, please contact Margarita at 708-656-3600 ext. 554.

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