AFC’s New Logo, Brand Identity Center Race Equity and Bold Design

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After a year of research and development, AIDS Foundation Chicago (AFC) is proud to launch its new brand and identity. In early 2019, AFC engaged People Who Care, a Chicago-based consultancy comprising all Black, LGBTQ+ identified designers, strategists and directors, to lead the rebranding effort. AFC and People Who Care consulted with a wide array of stakeholders, including nonprofit partners, community members, Board members, staff and advocates through focus groups, interviews and surveys. This process engaged the community in a meaningful way and ultimately inspired AFC’s new brand direction. Surveys and focus groups revealed a strong affection and belief in AFC’s work and drove PWC to a concept that would balance the strong legacy and bold future of the organization. Upon concepting the new direction, AFC and PWC brought together a diverse group of stakeholders in a branding taskforce that ultimately led to the new design. AFC initially revealed the new logo to its community at its Annual Meeting on March 5, 2020, but then put a full rollout on hold as the organization transitioned to remote work and providing new and continued services to help those impacted by the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

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