Maria Pappas Launches Animated Iguana and Song to Ease Concerns of Children During Coronavirus Scare

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

At a time when children may need the comfort that only a pet can provide, an electronic iguana might be the perfect answer, says Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas. The iguana appears on “Me and My Iguana,” an online video produced by Pappas, Tim Maeder and Frank Lucas.  In the video, a child and an Iguana share activities that emphasize friendship while a young voice sings the original kids tune, “Me and My Iguana.”

The idea is for the electronic iguana to provide companionship and diversion to out-of-school children during the coronavirus pandemic. “Iguana is not known for its handsome looks. But our Iguana offers a beautiful message for children of comfort, enjoyment and fun,” Pappas said. “As a lizard, an Iguana ignores comments about its looks and just goes about its business of eating insects.  Our electronic Iguana is polite and friendly, and an understanding companion to children who would rather be in school but can’t.”

Pappas studied music in high school and college and plays several instruments.  Maeder is a multimedia designer, musician, song writer and producer who has collaborated with Dee Snider, Jennifer Lopez, War and other groups.  Lucas has performed with the Pat Methany Group drummer Paul Wertico, bassist Andy West of the Dixie Dregs, and others, along with violinist Rachel Barton. Pappas wrote the script. Maeder created the graphics and video. All three wrote the music.

“We need something to lighten things up especially for children in the face of some frightening times and concerns,” Pappas says. “We hope our little iguana friend brings some joy, especially to the young children.” The link to the iguana is at

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