Those Who Died and Lost Everything During the Riots

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryHere is what the so-called mainstream U.S. new media is NOT saying about one of the dark episodes of the riots in Chicago and in other major American cities; those who died and lost everything. During the last weekend in May and into June, 85 innocent people in Chicago were shot, and of those 24 were killed. Whether it was due to the riots or because of unchecked gang wars, the police and the National Guard had to contend with rioters who destroyed hundreds businesses. Because the police and National Guard were therefore spread too thinly they could not have saved those who might otherwise have lived. What about David Dorn, the former police officer who was shot and killed trying to defend the pawn shop of a friend? Are there any major nationwide memorial services for this man who died trying to defend a friend’s property and any outrage from those who claim moral outrage with the death of George Floyd in police custody? What about Italia Marie Kelly? She was killed during the riots in Davenport, Iowa. Has there been any outrage from protesters over her death? Has there been outrage from the deaths of these two people plus lord knows how many more people across the whole of the United States because of the riots?

What about the people who lost their businesses and homes during the riots? It was truly heartbreaking seeing the businesses and places that people worked so hard to make possible now either totally destroyed or so badly damaged that they might not be able to rebuild what was lost. And those individuals affected goes across the entire racial and ethnic spectrum; White, Black, Latino, Asian and even Native American. Why doesn’t the new media say a whole lot about this? I heard from too many news reporters remark how “peaceful” these protests were. Too many were far from peaceful, and the result has been the destruction of property and peoples’ livelihoods that may never recover. Personally, I am not all that much of a law and order person, but without police there can be no civil society and no lawful protection for any of us. So when I hear about how some are calling for “defund the police,” and too many in the news media picking up on this, it scares me that any sane person would support this anarchist approach. No one needs to tell me there are bad police, but apparently no one in a lot of the news media seems to care about how police have saved so many lives, have put their lives on the line, and are an essential part of law enforcement along with our judiciary.

Three things I have always believed in that are necessary are transparency, reform where needed, and the civil protections of our constitutional rights no matter what the circumstances. Transparency for what the police do is as much important and necessary as transparency in government. In my view, most police departments are made up of good people who try to do their jobs. For those bad actors, reform and accountability are necessary. Finally, the rights of all suspects need to be respected regardless of circumstances. Where police do not do this (and I have dealt with bad police as I have dealt with a lot of bad people), I will do what I can to defend myself with all legal means necessary. At least, with police there is some accountability. With mobs there is none. Ask the families who have lost loved ones. Ask the people who have lost their livelihoods. Ask the people who were injured in the riots only to find themselves in hospitals and who may be maimed for life what future there may be for them. In my view, the riots we have seen (in no small part perpetrated by certain groups of people looking to use these protests for a political agenda), were far worse than the corruption in different police departments now subject to public scrutiny.

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