The Dangerous Possible Reaction

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryThe wholesale looting and rioting in downtown Chicago for the second time was too much to take. I personally cannot understand why the mayor or the the governor did not call out the National Guard to safeguard Chicago’s downtown district—it was only too plainly clear that the police cannot handle this large scale riot. What about the next possible riot? It is becoming all too clear that militant leftist groups like Antifa as well as socialist and anarchist organizations have been goading people to commit all kinds of crimes and acts of violence in the “name of rectification of past wrongs by capitalism.” How such crazy and dangerous people like this can possibly justify the looting and violence against mom and pop stores as well as major shopping centers is beyond me.

This is why the need for the National Guard is more necessary than ever to prevent such things from happening again and make it clear there are consequences for such violent acts. There is, however, something just as equally troubling that I must say. People in a growing number of suburban towns have been watching what has happened in Chicago, and they have become alarmed. Worse, a growing number are beginning to arm themselves. People I personally know have decided to buy as many firearms as they can, and with the fear of riots spreading to their towns, they just might shoot innocent people based on their race, ethnic group or religion. The way some of them are talking, they are becoming desensitized to maiming and killing someone for fear they could be robbed.

But then, I believe this is what groups like Antifa want—total chaos, people set against each other, and destruction of property and any and all monuments in the “name of revolution.” The political right wing may be able to recruit or convince people in many of these suburban towns that the end of civilization is coming, and then we could have a civil war. Something has to be done to stop what is occurring before it truly escalates really out of control in the whole Chicago area and beyond.

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