The Left Has Infiltrated the Democratic Party

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryIt is something I had been seeing for years, and is one of the reasons why I left the Democratic Party. The whole phenomenon of Bernie Sanders and his Democratic Socialist cause had been infiltrating the Democratic Party for years, and has as a result driven that party further to the left, and further into insanity. Bernie Sanders has had a very long career for the political left, and if one were to examine his life, one would see that he supported the Communist Party of Cuba, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, and the former Communist Party of the Soviet Union. But even if one were to say that he no longer supports “Communist causes,” he still supports leftist causes. Sanders is simply the public face of the organization Democratic Socialists of America—the largest left wing organization in the United States today.

But it is far from being the only leftist organization in the Democratic Party. When I was in the Democratic Party, I also encountered back in the early 2010’s members of the Communist Party USA, and members from anarchist groups. Why do I even mention these people? Because they are now part of the ranks of the Democratic Party, and as such have been influencing it for years, and are using this American institutional party for their own political platform. Political ideas and slogans like “defund the police,” “fight racial injustice,” and “get rid of the capitalist system” have long been pet projects of the political left in this country for years. Their agenda has now become part of the Democratic Party agenda. The big question in my mind is why do so many Democrats go along with this leftist element in their ranks? Why are they ignoring the obvious red dragon in the room? Why do so many members of the U.S. Congress pretend that this element, and Antifa, does not exist at all? Because there are too many leading Democrats who feel that they can control these radical elements in their ranks, and can use their violent energy for their own purposes to regain the presidency and maybe the whole Congress. But with the Democratic Party now supporting the more leftist agenda, I have to ask the question who is controlling whom?

Lest we forget, the Republican Party is far from being pure itself. That party has long been infiltrated by right wing to extreme right wing forces such as the evangelical Christians, neo-nazis, Ku Klux Klan groups, and white supremacists. But the extreme Christian element is the most dangerous. They want to knock down the wall of separation between the government and religion and make Christianity the state religion. They want to eliminate women’s right to abortion and other legal protections so women can have equality under the law, and they want to make sure that Christianity is the state religion which would endanger the rights and legal protections for all religious groups under the law. What I am seeing is a clash of extreme ideologies using the two main ruling political parties to force their political agendas down the throats of Americans. This is really what is happening in the United States today, and depending where a person lives in this country, that person might either have to deal with the extreme leftist ideological poison that permeates where they are, or the right wing extremism pushed by elements in the Republican Party.

Looked at either way, our country is being torn apart, and there seems to be little or no neutral ground at all. This is to put it mildly really frightening, and begs the question where will all of this extremism lead this country? I am thoroughly convinced that the upcoming election on November 3rd, will resolve nothing. Whichever side wins, it will not vanquish the extreme right or the extreme left. If anything, it will simply sharpen the hate, violence and mayhem being pushed by both the right and left. In my view, it will not lead to a civil war, but a civil conflict where there will be violence here and there, but mostly simmering tensions that will engulf our country. Both extremes have been practicing their agendas for too long, and will not give it up over one election. When you look at how this affects ordinary people on the ground, it means more family-owned businesses (both Black, white, Latino, Asian and Native American) will get torched in riots, more streets battles will occur, more extremist laws on a local, state and regional scale will be enacted, more people will go crazy as they join the maddening crowd (the woke mob), and more innocent lives will be lost. The way I see it, all I can say is heaven help this country!

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