China’s Slow Takeover of Nepal

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryWhile American eyes are being diverted to the violence and mayhem in our cities, the corona virus epidemic, and the presidential campaign, the Chinese government is making yet another move to consolidate a military and political advantage against its rival India. The Chinese government is feeling the heat of America’s sanctions against it, and the condemnation of many parts of the world for the spread of the corona virus, and is working to gain military superiority against India which is slowly becoming an ally of the United States. Already Chinese military units and bases are being found inside Nepal, a country which borders China and India.

Nepal, which is under the control of the Nepali Communist Party, has remained silent about China’s encroachment into its territory. The Nepali government has for years taken a pro-China stance. The Nepali Communist Party has signed trade deals, infrastructure project agreements and even “refugee cooperation” pacts where the Nepali government forcibly returned Tibetan refugees who had fled to Nepal back to Chinese-controlled Tibet. So the Nepali government allowing Chinese troops to be stationed in its territory should come as no surprise. Or if not “allowing,” then looking the other way as China starts to eat away at the territory of Nepal.

This is as dangerous for America as it is for India because if India becomes surrounded by hostile foreign powers then it can be of little to no use in fighting China. But then, this is what the Chinese government wants—as few allies helping the United States as possible. Even during this time of crisis, with the United States focusing inward, the Chinese government is trying to strike out to gain as much advantage as possible in the event of any future conflict with the United States. It is even taking over countries and regions which most Americans never even hear about in order to prevent any American strategy at “containment.”

The Chinese government is well aware that the U.S. government used containment to prevent the former Soviet Union from dominating the world, and the Chinese government is trying to prevent this same strategy from being used in its attempt to dominate the world and become the new political and military world order. Can China be stopped from implementing its plans of world domination?

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