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Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Health

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Health

This month we celebrate National Child Health, a time when we show support for children’s health and raise awareness about how we can help protect and develop a healthy lifestyle for them. With the epidemic still at full speed all over the nation, it is important to find ways that we can keep our children happy and healthy. Deborah Ann Davis, award-winning author, parenting skills coach, mother, and former high school educator of 20+ years, has a few ideas on how parents or guardians can keep their kids happy and healthy at home.   

Make water your #1 household beverage.

Did you know that children are actually more susceptible to dehydration than adults? They need constant re-hydration in order to keep their body temperatures regulated.

1. Educate your children on the effects that sugary beverages can have on the body. Find a non-water drink that they tend to go for and read the nutrition label with them. Discuss common side effects that may be ailing them, like headaches and sluggishness, and discuss a plan to cut back on those drinks.

2. Make drinking water fun! Add in some fruit slices, fun-shaped ice cubes, or throw it in a funny or colorful cup for them to sip out of.

3. Drink water in front of them all the time! Children tend to model our behavior; So, practicing this healthy hydration habit in front of them can actually get them invested in it as well.    

Get up and play with your kids!

We could all use a fun play-time after a long day. Five minutes of a little rolling around and giggling with your kids is not only fun for them, but actually has tons of benefits for everyone. Try this idea every hour throughout the day and see the benefits start rolling in. Check out some of the key benefits below: 

1. Increases blood flow to the brain which provides more oxygen.

2. Breathing deeply while laughing massages your organs and strengthens your core muscles.

3. Your kids will feel closer to you as you build warm, loving memories with them.

4. The interruption will break any negative cycles being created by schoolwork, especially with older kids.

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