AMA Foundation Donation Supports Patients in Managing Blood Pressure on Chicago’s West Side

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The American Medical Association Foundation (AMAF) announced a $100,000 donation to support patients and care teams working together to manage blood pressure (BP) in Chicago’s west side communities. This funding helps to expand the American Medical Association (AMA) and American Heart Association (AHA)’s current work with West Side United (WSU) to support local health care organizations (HCOs) and their efforts to help patients with hypertension better manage their BP remotely. High BP is an important modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death on the west side. The AMA and AHA are working with WSU to help close the large life expectancy gap of up to 16 years between the west side of Chicago and Chicago’s downtown neighborhoods, as identified by WSU. As part of their current work with three HCOs on the west side, the AMA and AHA most recently provided 1,000 validated BP measurement devices and educational resources to patients with hypertension. Learn more about the AMA’s collaboration with West Side United to address health inequities on Chicago’s west side.

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