Six Months from Now

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryAs we continue with the corona virus pandemic, and are coming toward the end of the year, I predict that in six months from today things will different from where we are now. First, in one form or another the whole pandemic will come to an end. Or rather, people will want it ended and the politicians will be forced to oblige. Even with the corona virus vaccines being widely available, there will be enough people who will be immune to the virus that it will not be a major threat to life that it seems to be now. Most people will want a total end to the restrictions, and the politicians will have to end a lot of them if not all of them. The politicians, whether they be Democrat or Republican, will no longer be able to rule by decree as people will be in utter revolt against the corona virus restrictions. People largely are in rebellion now.

There is NO WAY to push the reset button in regards to the People’s Republic of China. Even if U.S. President Joe Biden were to end the trade tariffs against China, there is already too much bad blood between China and the United States that they will remain mortal enemies.No amount of business as usual by American corporations, no amount of U.S. media support for the Chinese government, and no amount of Mr. Biden trying to say that we have to “cooperate with China” is going to work. With the death of so many Americans from the corona virus, and the Communist Party of China’s own extremely bad behavior, plus their threatening moves all over the world, has largely doomed the U.S.-China relationship. In my view, more and more American corporations will have to move from China because it will be a poisonous relationship for them.

Finally, a more right wing opposition will begin to emerge. One thing that has become tragic about the bitter divide between the Democrats and Republicans is that if one side loses, it will blame the other for the loss. If anything, there will be opposition, and may be even violent opposition, by people who believe that former U.S. President Donald Trump was “unfairly cheated” out of his chance to win re-election. In any objective view, the presidential election was free and fair. None of this will matter in the minds of pro-conspiracy theorists who only see demons and “deep state” bad actors trying to take and destroy everything these rightists and extremists hold dear. These are my predictions of what might be. No one has a crystal ball to what will occur, but if present trends keep holding up, then these things might come to pass.

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