Not in a Vacuum

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryIt seems that so many libertarians (with both a small “l” and a large “L,” the large “L” standing for those who are actual members of the Libertarian Party) are becoming concerned that the largely dominated Democrat federal government may put into place unconstitutional laws to “crush the rights of the American people.” It might just happen, but this is not coming in a political vacuum. The right wing attack on the Capital Building, the attempts at smaller anti-government demonstrations at all state capitals throughout the United States, and the sheer number of extreme right wing groups in every state that believe the election was stolen, that there was wide and massive voter fraud, and that the Democrats staged a coup and took over the government, is justifiably making a lot of lawmakers in the federal government and state legislatures nervous to put it mildly.

This country is more divided than ever. Those Republican lawmakers still left in the U.S. Congress refuse in any way, shape and form to work with their Democrat counterparts on crafting legislation to try and get this country through this pandemic. Worse, some of the Republicans legislators who were elected seem to share the same extreme ideological viewpoints of those who stormed the Capital Building on January 6th. How crazy is that? There is no doubt in my mind that there is a vast right wing conspiracy out there to do all kinds of violence, mayhem and madness for their own twisted goals. So yes, Democrats have a LOT to worry about. The only thing I can say to Democrats is that they should treat what has occurred and what may occur as criminal actions, not as political acts.

We already have laws on the books that punish those who commit serious, heinous crimes. All libertarians have to look at the fact we have a neo-fascist insurgency taking place in this country, and that it cannot be underestimated. If anything, libertarians should go on the premise of rational, logical news gathering and piecing together the situation through informed sources. If libertarians go on the non-sense of conspiracy theories, then how are they any different that the people who had followed Qanon and other extreme right wing movements? There is no doubt in my mind that like everything else, libertarians are badly divided on what happened on January 6th, and that libertarians will go three ways—sitting on the fence not being involved with the Democrats or Republicans, swing to the political right or swing to the political left.

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