A Very Bizarre Story

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryA small furniture maker named Hong Jinshi in Dahua, Fujian province in China, has come up with a truly strange sale pitch; making buddha-like statues of former U.S. President Donald Trump meditating. Mr. Hong felt that because Trump has been a successful business man with a lot on his mind, it would be “good” for him to “meditate.” For the life of me, a man whose presidency was full of crazy stuff happening, and who incited an insurrection against another branch of the U.S. government (the U.S. Congress), could not be more of a polar opposite of what the Buddha was.

The great philosopher the Buddha truly had a great and noble conscience for all life. Trump could not be more of a narcissist who let seven people die (two police officers later by suicide) at the Capital Building insurrection on January 6th. Trump tried to overturn a democratic election for the sole purpose of becoming dictator. Whether Trump will ever be sent to prison for this we will probably not know. So far, over 400 people have been arrested and almost all will most likely be doing hard time for this capital offense. The January 6th Insurrection now joins Pearl Harbor and the September 11th terror attacks in infamy.

Strangely enough, Mr.Hong has received a lot of orders for the statues both in China and abroad. He has so far sold 200 of these statues, and would have sold more if not for knock-offs made by others who seemed to have had the same idea. Personally, a buddha-like Trump statue is not high up on my list of things to buy. Far from it. I have to ask myself the question if there are so many Americans who want whatever images of Trump that they will buy them no matter how bizarre they are?

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