Freeing the People Immune to the Pandemic

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryAs the number of people who have been completely vaccinated against the corona virus increases, it is hoped that the current laws for people being required for wearing masks and social distancing will come to an end. Already the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and U.S. President Joe Biden himself has said that those who have been completely vaccinated “can go back to normal life without wearing a mask or social distancing.” Nevertheless, in a twist of irony, the president is telling even those who are fully vaccinated to “comply with local mandates and regulations.” Why? If all those who are fully vaccinated cannot get the corona virus and cannot transmit it, then they are no longer a threat and should therefore be exempt from ALL regulations of wearing a mask and social distancing. Why should local mandates and regulations still be enforced for those who cannot get the virus and transmit the virus?

Already there are a growing number of businesses which allow fully vaccinated customers into their stores to go completely about their affairs without masks or social distancing. Because fully vaccinated people are now immune to the virus, they should be safe around others who are not vaccinated and of no threat to the general populace. Yet there are businesses that will not change their policies despite the information coming from the CDC. Why? When the mandates and regulations were made in 2020, there were no vaccines and no means other than masks and social distancing to prevent the virus from spreading, and even then this did not fully guarantee the virus from spreading.

Now that we have the vaccines, and there is an overarching campaign to get as many people vaccinated as possible, the mandates and regulations should all be falling as we come out of this pandemic. Apparently, there are those who seem to stick to “caution” as a policy. The problem with the CDC policy now is that people who are fully vaccinated are being told to obey federal, state and local regulations where social distancing and mask requirements are still enforced. This means that there is a hodgepodge of laws, regulations and requirements that are contradictory, confusing and could penalize fully vaccinated people even though they are no longer a threat to the general health of anyone and everyone. Clearly, the Democrats (and they are basically in charge of the government), are giving two thoroughly contradictory messages; those who are fully vaccinated can go back to normal life that was the case in 2019, and yet we will still keep laws, regulations and requirements that contravene this message.

For those who have gone to all the trouble of getting the vaccine, why should there still be restrictions on them? Why should we still have all these laws and mandates from 2020 that for those who are fully vaccinated apply to them? Wasn’t the whole point of these laws and regulations to protect the health and safety of the general population from the virus when there was no vaccine? Now that we have people who are fully vaccinated from the virus, shouldn’t these laws and regulations be changed? It seems that the politicians are too mired in their fear, paranoia and power trips to allow for the science to show that as more of the population becomes vaccinated, the laws and regulations should change accordingly. First the politicians tell us that once we are vaccinated, we can get back to “normal” living. Then they move the goal posts. So, my question to the politicians, regardless of their political party, is when can we really get back to normal?

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