Seeking Reparations from China

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryIt’s official; U.S. President Joe Biden has opened an inquiry as to the origin of the Wuhan virus. This includes whether it came from a leak at a laboratory. As you can imagine, the Chinese government is furious about this, but there is no way they can stop the inquiry. Regardless of where the virus came from, these facts are indisputable. The virus came originally from Wuhan, China. The Chinese government knew fully well that this virus could be spread by human to human transmission. To keep the whole thing secret, the Chinese government deliberately allowed people affected with the virus to go outside the borders of China who then spread the Wuhan virus throughout the world, affecting local populations. The result for the United States alone has been hundreds of thousands of people dead, a wrecked economy that is now only recovering, and countless people who are still suffering the consequences of the virus. This does not even include the number of people who are still unemployed, the number of people who are suffering psychological trauma because of the pandemic, and the spike in crime due to the pandemic (which was a major factor in the riots throughout many American cities last summer).

With all of the grief that the Chinese government has caused, I have to ask the question why the U.S. government does not seek reparations from China? It seems that even at this late stage, the U.S. government is still trying to play “nice, nice” with the Chinese government. The tariffs alone is not punishment enough against the Communist Party of China. Sanctions against the Chinese government officials and its military is not enough. An official investigation is a waste of time. Now is the time for punishment. We must make the Chinese government pay for its crime against humanity, and for what it has done to this country and its people. It is an enemy like no other. The two main problems are that there are companies which still want to do business with the Communist Party of China. In my view, they are traitors to the United States and humanity. Apparently the pandemic started by the Chinese government, the genocide of the Uighurs, and the slavery of the Tibetans and the Inner Mongolians is not enough to dissuade some companies from wanting to do business in China. Even too many politicians in the U.S. government do not want to “anger China.” I have NO dignified comments for them.

Make no mistake, we are in a conflict with the People’s Republic of China. The three things we should be doing with this rogue regime is cutting off as much trade with it as possible. Second, we should be militarily containing them and officially recognizing Taiwan as a country. Finally, it is time we give a bill of reparations to the Chinese government for all the damage it has done. This is how we should treat a rogue regime, and stop it before it does worse to the world.

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