Illinois Bilingual Education Teacher Elected to NEA’s Executive Committee

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A bilingual education teacher from Frankfort, Ill., was elected to serve on NEA’s Executive Committee, the highest-level governing body that oversees and helps establish policy for the National Education Association, the nation’s largest union with more than three million members. Gladys Fátima Márquez, who currently serves as chair of the NEA Hispanic Caucus, was elected by secret ballot by delegates attending NEA’s virtual Representative Assembly for a three-year term that begins September 1. Márquez has helped to organize nationwide events to raise awareness about the plight of immigrants in America with “Teach-Ins” at immigration detention centers, humanitarian missions to shelters at the border, and massive marches in protest of the national policy leading to the separation of immigrant families and the incarceration of immigrant children.

Pursuing the American dream helps fuel Márquez’s education advocacy work, including lobbying Congress to advance issues that support public education. She also has worked with national organizations to help pass a clean DREAM Act and protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. Marquez is a dedicated activist, organizer, and community advocate, with a track record of public service that attests to her commitment to protect public education. Márquez received her bachelor’s degree in English/language arts education in 2000, Master of Arts in the field of secondary school administration in 2006, and last year completed her Doctor of Education in multi- and interdisciplinary studies, all from Governors State University. The committee is responsible for general policy and interests of NEA and acts for the NEA Board of Directors in between its four regularly scheduled meetings each year.

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