Humble Design Serves 2,000th Client in Fight Against Homelessness

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Late August, Humble Design provided charitable services to its 2,000th client emerging from a homeless shelter. With the help of passionate volunteers, Humble Design does this by transforming empty residences into clean, dignified and welcoming homes through its free professional design services and the repurposing of gently used furnishings donated by the community. Humble Design Chicago celebrated this milestone with a special home “deco” and reveal. U-Haul, a national partner of Humble Design since 2016, served as the 2K Family Sponsor. “It is such a joy to say ‘thank you for your service’ to veterans by transforming their empty houses into fully furnished homes,” said Julie Dickinson, director of Humble Design Chicago. “So many of our veterans have experienced the trauma of war, and we know the impact one’s environment has on mental health. We see it every week. At Humble Design, we create homes for the veterans that reflect them, to serve as a refuge and healing space.

Humble Design furnished its 1,000th home in early 2019, nearly 10 years after the project began. Demand and impact have increased dramatically since then as the charity served its second 1,000 clients in two years thanks to expansion and local sponsorships that have ensured sustainability in more markets. CB2 proudly serves as the city sponsor for Humble Design Chicago. Families take a personal stake in their newly furnished homes, leading to a remarkable success rate – 99 percent to receive Humble Design’s services have escaped the cycle of homelessness. Clients are referred by designated services that work with local shelters. “U-Haul is proud to sponsor the 2000th family served by Humble Design because we recognize what it means for a family to move forward towards a new life,” stated Sebastien Reyes, U-Haul Vice President of Communications and Humble Design Board Chair. “Every one of us associated with this mission believes in the power of a bed and a roof overhead to change lives.” To learn more about volunteer opportunities, corporate sponsorships, furniture donations or making a financial gift, please visit

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