Why We Cannot Defeat Corona Virus

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryIt is a sad reality that so many people here in Illinois do not understand what viruses are and what they do. Viruses go through the air and into a person’s body one way or another. They get into our food, they get into our pets, they can get into people we know and then get into our bodies through our eyes, pores and ears. Wearing a mask will not stop them, and masks are pretty much worthless (no matter what the politicians may tell us) in un-sterile environments. Truth be told, viruses are almost indestructible, but because our immune systems develop effective antibodies we will most likely not suffer from them. If anything, a mask may do the opposite of protecting us because the longer we try to prevent ourselves from getting a virus the worse chance when we get one we will not have developed effective antibodies to counter them.

Vaccines are enormously helpful in fighting viruses. But no matter what we do, this corona virus and any variants there are will always remain out there and they cannot be defeated. Instead of living in fear of them, we should totally reopen society, business and end all of the corona virus restrictions. Of course, we should help protect the most vulnerable parts of the population, but that is common sense just as it would be if an old person for example had breathing problems and whose immune systems are compromised. Vulnerable populations should be protected, but healthy people should be safe. Federal, state and local authorities should NOT be empowered with unconstitutional authority to arbitrarily shut down businesses, fine people for being open against the regulations, forced to wear masks, threatened with imprisonment or threatened in any way from trying to make a living. Likewise, politicians should be limited from being able to impose emergency authority where they can run roughshod over the rights of the people. This is what the U.S. Constitution and all state constitutions are about, and we should return to this.

Even as I speak, a number of countries are ending their corona virus restrictions. Great Britain will not issue vaccine passports after much protests and riots forced the government’s hand. Denmark, Norway and Sweden are ending their corona virus restrictions (what few they had), and Singapore is doing the same. These countries have come to realize that their legal restrictions only caused detrimental harm to business, impeded people from doing their jobs, broke up families and whole communities, and caused disruption, chaos and near-revolt. The only two successful things these countries have done to end the corona virus pandemic was to educate people on the need for vaccines and not treat those who could not get the vaccines with restrictions or contempt. We must remember that so many of our healthcare professionals were no more vaccinated than we were before the vaccines were developed, and they took all kinds of risks and did all kinds heroic acts to help us all. Are we now to cast them aside because of arbitrary vaccine mandates? America must arise with the rest of the free world in finally learning to live with something that can be best defeated by not trying to defeat it. I hope if we have learned anything from the past two years it is that we should treat the corona virus as no different as the flu, chickenpox, measles and the mumps.

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