High Trust, Low Trust

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryAs all Illinois residents are still required to wear masks indoors, stay six feet apart from each other, and as certain Democrat politicians pass mandates trying to force people to get vaccinated for the Wuhan virus, Republicans are beginning to kill their Democrat rivals in local and state elections towards the end of 2021. In the end, it all has to do with trust. In this case, a serious lack of it. Maybe last year, when we knew so little about the Wuhan virus, the measures taken might have made sense. However, with what scientists now know about the Wuhan virus, the restrictions and arbitrary enforcement is leading to a furious voter backlash.

Just a month ago, Sweden ended all restrictions that it had in regards to the Wuhan virus. People do not have to stand six feet apart, did not have to stay at home (for the most part they did not have to anyways), and going in and out of the country is no longer restricted. The Swedish government allowed life to go on as much normal as was possible. They provided information about people who got the virus to stay at home, cautioned seniors to be careful, and provided information on people as a rule not getting together in very large groups. When the vaccines became available, the Swedish authorities ran TV ads, Internet ads, and incentives (such as cash or bonuses at work) for people to get fully vaccinated. The result has been most people have been vaccinated, and more than many who have already been exposed to the virus have developed natural immunity. So now, Sweden is largely Wuhan virus-free, and the Swedish government is treating the Wuhan virus as a medical problem rather than a social one.

In the United States, the strategy could not be worse. The federal government is threatening people with coercive mandates, using propaganda instead of balanced education, and threatening people who do not get fully vaccinated with loss of jobs and livelihoods (with Christmas and the holidays just around the corner, this will be economically devastating). We can see how this is affecting the Chicago police. Neighboring states are enticing Chicago police officers and their families to move to these places no questions asked. Businesses that have survived the pandemic are relocating to Republican-controlled states where they do not face restrictions. The sad thing is that it seems that Democrat-controlled states are using the pandemic for political reasons rather than following the medical science.

The big problem is that the political left wing of the Democrat Party seems to be dominating the whole process for what happens on a local, state and national level. Hence, why voter anger is hitting the Democrats hard and why in too many cases the Democrats are unable to stop the virus plague—their tainted radical viewpoints blind them to the medical science. Worse, even as they losing in this year’s late elections they are not learning their lessons on why they are being defeated. Because of this, a growing number of Americans are losing their trust in the Democrats ability to do anything. Worse may yet come for the Democrats in 2022. Trust is a very, very important component in governance in any country, and when that trust is not there it breeds voter backlash or worse.

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