University of Illinois Launches Innovative Student Run Digital TV Network

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A new digital television network is launching in the Windy City. The Chicago Arts and Athletics Network (CAAN) powered by the University of Illinois will highlight the talents of students on and off the field at various High Schools in Chicago and the suburbs. The Chicago Arts & Athletics Network is available online at, along with streaming applications for television and mobile devices, including Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku (TV), iOS and Android (mobile). This educational-based program empowers students to put on headsets and get in front of – or behind – the camera to gain valuable experience in producing live broadcasts. Many schools in the area, have added broadcast journalism or digital media courses to their curriculum or have created student-run broadcast clubs to broadcast sporting events, activities, band concerts, theater productions, and even proms, homecoming dances, and graduations. Thanks to a partnership with the University of Illinois, schools have received streaming equipment including laptops, cameras, audio mixers, headsets, and software to broadcast events. For more information, check out to learn about the different apps and member portals that are available.

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