City of Chicago Announces Adam Gross to Serve as Executive Director of the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability

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Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot announced that Adam Gross has been appointed to serve as the first-ever Executive Director of the newly created Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability. In this role, Executive Director Gross will be tasked with standing up the staff, operations, and budget of the newly created Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability.  Executive Director Gross is an attorney and policy expert with more than 30 years of experience in developing, advocating for, and implementing structural reforms. Most recently, he served as Director of the Police Accountability Program for Business and Professional People for the Public Interest, leading their efforts to increase public safety, enact systemic police reforms in Chicago, and ensure that those most directly affected by the reforms play an active role in developing them.  As Executive Director, Gross will manage the team that supports the Commission and District Council’s work and will serve as the liaison and primary point of contact between the Commission and the Police Department, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA), the Police Board, the Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety, the Mayor’s Office, City Council, and the Consent Decree Monitor. Executive Director Gross will also be responsible for hiring 14 full-time employees.

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