Symbols of Defiance

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryNot too far from where I live, I see a huge American flag and a red, white and blue banner underneath it which reads, “Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump.” More than once, I have seen the symbol of the flag of Three Percenters decals on peoples’ trucks and cars going by me. Like the house with a pro-Trump banner, these people are not only in solidarity with people who still support former U.S. President Donald Trump, but are not afraid of showing their support for right wing causes and those who were involved in the Capital Building riot on January 6, 2021. There are three commonalities that I see here. First, they do not accept the presidential election results of November 2020. Second, they feel that current U.S. President Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. Finally, a growing number of people are no longer afraid of the Democrats who not-so-long-ago labeled these people as “traitors” and “insurrectionists.”

As the Democrats are becoming widely unpopular in so many areas of this country, more people are turning towards the Republican Party and the political right and the extreme political and religious right. While the Democrats push corona virus mandates and restrictions, a growing number of people are far more concerned about unemployment, inflation, crime, and the fear that the government will take away their firearms. A growing number of people no longer care if the Democrats and the Democrat-controlled government call them rebels. Too many Americans are finding it harder to get by, and this will only cause them to turn to the other side. But I ask myself the question is the other side better? I am certain that the Republicans and political right will end the corona virus restrictions, and may even try to impeach current U.S. President Biden.

But their neatly wrapped package may come with surprises that many Americans may not be aware of. These can include making Christianity the law of the land, restricting abortion, doing away with federal and state programs many Americans need including welfare, food stamps, medicaid, and forcing people who cannot work to work for their welfare, food stamps and medicaid. Do many Americans really want unsavory things like this? This is why in my mind it is important to again vote for people who are not extreme, and for political independents. It is important that Americans not vote for one extreme to replace another. Instead of having people who want socialism (or in this case democratic socialism), we could get the equivalent like the Taliban. Extremism seems to have gripped both ruling parties, and it is time that Americans start looking at alternatives that are far less extreme.

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