The Mexico Truckers

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryWhile Canada is being embroiled in a possible civil conflict over the trucker protest, no such thing is happening in Mexico itself. The Mexican government does not require Mexican truckers to be fully vaccinated for doing their job while in Mexico. Despite this, almost all Mexican truck drivers are vaccinated and comply with any Mexican requirements and recommendations for preventing the spread of the corona virus. In regards to Mexican drivers entering the United States? This is how it breaks down.

The United States requires that all foreign nationals entering the United States must be vaccinated and have proof of vaccination. This includes foreign truck drivers. Since almost all Mexican drivers are already vaccinated, this is not a major issue. However, those few Mexican drivers who are not vaccinated (due to health concerns or religious reasons), are replaced at the U.S.-Mexico border by vaccinated drivers on stand-by. These vaccinated truck drivers take over and drive into the United States to handle freight coming from Mexico. Leading Mexican and American truck companies have worked out ways to have products and raw materials brought over the border to minimize cost. The wait time for this change is relatively small, so delay costs for Mexican and American truck companies is minimized.

With supply chain issues, and U.S. import red tape being an issue, it is becoming clear that both the U.S. and Mexican governments are trying to work out these complications. Both American and Mexican truck drivers are an important part of both countries’ economies, and to stigmatize them would not only damage and destroy the lives of these hard working people, but bring the two economies to a halt. The one piece of good news is that as the corona virus threat begins to recede, this should free up the supply chain ever more so that there will be less scarcity of goods between both the United States and Mexico.

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