Two-Thirds United Stands in Solidarity Against Violence

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Courtesy of Two Thirds United

Melissa Ortega was walking alongside her mother on a Saturday afternoon, but she never returned home because she was caught in a shooting intended for someone else. Ortega’s story is one that repeats itself much too often in our city, especially in Latino and African American communities, and we need action now to prevent these types of stories from repeating themselves.  We, members of Two-Thirds United, a coalition of organizations and individuals from the African American and Latino communities of Chicago, present a united plea to community organizations, government leaders, and fellow Chicagoans to redouble efforts that will bring lasting peace to our children, families and neighborhoods and end the continued cycle of violence in our communities.  Two Thirds United: 

• Casa Central

• Children’s Advocates for Change

• Dr. Rosita Lopez 

• Instituto del Progreso Latino 

• La Casa Norte 

• The Chicago Community Trust 

• YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago 

In June 2020, a group of leaders from area non-profits serving African American and Latino communities, endeavored to commit their time and resources to discuss and begin the healing process racism has created in our lives and communities, and work together to implement solutions for change. To learn more about Two-Thirds United and its mission, visit or follow us on all social media platforms @twothirdsunited.

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