Gonzalez Measure to Plan for Nation’s 250th Anniversary Advances to the House Floor

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State Rep. Edgar Gonzalez Jr., D-Chicago, is pushing for a measure to plan a celebration honoring the 250th anniversary of America’s independence and highlighting Illinois’ role in American history. The measure just passed the House State Government Administration committee and is advancing to the House floor for a vote in front of the entire body. “Celebrating our past and all that our nation has contributed to the world, as well as all our state has contributed to the nation, is essential, especially for our next generation,” Gonzalez said. “This anniversary is an opportunity to craft a comprehensive vision of a country which is not just unique because of what its people accomplished, but because of the wide variety of people who achieved those accomplishments. I want Illinois kids to see that.” Continuing his efforts to promote comprehensive education, Gonzalez filed House Bill 5015 to create a committee to plan a celebration in honor of the 250th anniversary of American independence in several years. Gonzalez’s legislation passed committee with unanimous bipartisan support. “The next generation deserves to learn about their past as Americans; to recognize that Illinoisans of all races, ethnicities and creeds have contributed to our American story. This exceptional history deserves celebration but also requires us to reflect on considerable challenges that continue to frame current inequities,” said Rep. Gonzalez

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