Ald. Ray Lopez Announces 2023 Mayoral Run

By: Ashmar Mandou

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsChicago Alderman Raymond Lopez announced early Wednesday morning that he plans to run for mayor in 2023 via Twitter, writing “Chicago: I’m in!” In a statement to media Ald. Lopez said, “I love my City and like most Chicagoans, I am sick and tired of watching Chicago flounder at the hands of rudderless ship. The time is now to provide our great City with the compassion and leadership it deserves. I’m in, and I hope Chicago will join me.” Lopez has been a critic of Mayor Lori Lightfoot over the past years. Lopez has been representing the 15th Ward, which includes parts of Brighton Park, the Back of the Yards, and West Englewood, since 2015 and has been vocal about his support of police cracking down on gang related activity. Currently Mayor Lightfoot has not officially announced her run for re-election next year, but did say to “stay tuned.”

Upon Ald. Lopez’s announcement, one Alderman did share his thoughts on the news. “Alderman Lopez has a sorry track record of voting against policies to improve Chicagoans lives, against efforts to reform our city government, against efforts to improve equity, and against efforts to pave the way for Chicagoans to live safer lives in the midst of a global health crisis,” said Ald. George Cardenas (12th Ward). “His close partnership with Ald. Burke should alarm Chicagoans who have yearned for a city government free of corruption and back door deals. Ald. Lopez has tried to roll back policies to keep first responders safe from COVID-19, and has consistently demeaned and attacked Chicago’s status as a welcoming city for the immigrants who make Chicago home. He should spend less time appearing on Tucker Carlson and more time focused on keeping his own community safe.  We need a leader who will keep us moving forward toward a post-COVID Chicago that lowers crime, brings new jobs and opportunities to the city and gives Chicagoans a leg up.”

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