CDPH, Community Safety Coordination Center Launch Mental Health Skills Training

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This summer, the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Community Safety Coordination Center (CSCC), in partnership with The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport (CHJS), are launching a series of trainings to support community stakeholders in strengthening their trauma-informed mental health skills. Addressing trauma and bringing resources and support to traditional and non-traditional service providers is a key component of the CSCC’s strategy and commitment to addressing the root causes of violence.  Efforts to reduce the effects of community violence on individuals include education about the prevalence of toxic stress and protective benefits of strengthening relationships between community members, including youth, impacted by violence and trauma.

Each learning cohort aims to activate and support persons across programs and organizations who are most likely to encounter individuals and families who have experienced the impacts of community violence. Participants can learn strategies to build relationships, create trust and psychological safety, and learn to use evidenced-based activities to help manage stress and emotional dysregulation. Each trainings cohort will convene in person for four 2-hour sessions at a location within the community area of focus. To learn more about and sign up for the trauma-informed mental health skill-building trainings, visit

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