Chicago Tool Library Joining Forces with Chicago Community Tools

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Chicago’s two largest tool lending nonprofits are merging. This fall, Chicago Community Tools (CCT) will be donating their 5,000+ tools to the Chicago Tool Library. The Chicago Tool Library is a south side nonprofit lending library that works much like a book library. Instead of books, they house an inventory of tools and equipment for building, gardening, and home repair. Their inventory also includes other unexpected items like stand mixers, sewing machines, podcasting microphones, folding tables, and even camping equipment. Rather than individual borrowers, CCT lends tools to groups like nonprofits, schools, churches, or neighborhood associations. With the acquisition of CCT’s inventory, the Chicago Tool Library will launch their own program to continue supporting community groups and CCT’s mission. “We put many tools in the hands of volunteers across Chicagoland in recent years. Still, the Chicago Tool Library can enable our tools to do even greater good in our community.” says CCT’s Tim Kaczocha. To make space for the new tools, the Chicago Tool Library is looking to move to a larger location on the south side. They are seeking support from donors, building owners, and community leaders to help them in the search for an affordable 3,500+ square foot, transit-accessible location.  “This is such an exciting year for the Tool Library.” says Executive Director Tessa Vierk. “We’re eager to find a new home and see what new programs, classes, and opportunities we can create.” Learn more about joining or supporting the library at

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