On the Abortion Issue

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryOf all medical procedures that are and should be available for women, the issue of abortion has been and remains a political and religious hot potato. There is no middle ground, and really there can be no middle ground. In my view, it has to be legal and available where necessary. How women view abortion, and whether it is their personal choice or not to make in their lives, the medical procedure should remain available. In my view, abortion is no different than, say, having healthcare for diabetes. Personally, I do not want medical care for diabetes treatment. However, if I need healthcare for diabetes, it is there. Why should abortion be any different?

It is different because it has been politicized and the extreme religious right has declared it “immoral.” More than this, since the U.S. Supreme has overturned abortion on the national level, the political right wing has talked about passing laws in largely Republican-dominated states to prevent women in their jurisdictions from going into states where abortion is legal. There is the real danger that such laws and regulations which now prevent women seeking abortions outside a state that has made abortion illegal or has restricted it can also lead to laws and regulations to restrict and threaten people for political and social reasons (i.e. of the wrong political persuasion or of a rival political party). Before you now it, this can eventually lead to the complete shredding of the entire U.S. Constitution.

In my view, the issue of abortion is simply one touchstone for creating an extreme political and social agenda where those on the political and religious right will try to remake America into a “Christian nation the way it was” (which it never was. Since the founding of the United States, it has always been a secular state where Christianity has been the majority religion). There are those in this country who want to make the United States into a theocracy (where religion and state are fused and Christianity is the state religion), and want to make sure women’s rights and especially over their own bodies are restricted. These people seem to dominate in the states’ Republican parties, and recently they have taken over the Libertarian Party. The abortion issue is sadly one contentious issue in the vicious culture wars we are fighting.

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