Building Healthier Communities Together

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On Friday, September 16th in front of Stroger Hospital, at the Emergency Department entryway, Cook County Commissioner Dennis Deer – 2nd District, Cook County Commissioner Bill Lowry – 3rd District, Doctors for America, Habilitative Systems Inc., Boxing out Negativity, Teamwork Englewood, and Gordies Foundation stood in recognition of the need of resources to address the trauma that is caused by gun violence. “Gun violence is a complex issue that has grown into a national public health crisis,” said Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. “The impacts of this public health crisis are felt deeply in our communities that have been left vulnerable due to historic disinvestment. Yet, we have powerful tools to address this crisis. I stand with Commissioner Deer in prioritizing public health responses that address the causes and contributing factors in a culturally responsive way. Investments like Cook County’s recently announced Gun Violence Prevention and Reduction Grants will provide holistic support to at-risk residents in need of services and support.

“We know Gun violence affects us all, but how do we address it? Being Chair of the Cook County Health and Hospital Committee I have realized there is much more work to be done. It is essential that we provide services to those who are the victims of gun violence,” said Cook County Commissioner Dennis Deer. “We have to make a change, we can’t do what we have done in the past to address this issue. No one should suffer from gun violence. It is critical that through partnerships and providing essential resources to our local communities we can curb and significantly reduce this public health crisis.” 

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