Sandinista Temper Tantrums

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryIt seems that Nicaraguan President for Life Daniel Ortega is miffed at The Netherlands for not building the hospital they had promised years ago. The Dutch government was not happy to put it mildly over the Sandinista (Party) Nicaraguan government’s human and civil rights violations and the fact that Ortega himself has been in power without the consent of the majority of the Nicaraguan people. Besides, the Dutch government concluded that the funding for the hospital might have gone into the pockets of corrupt Nicaraguan officials. In an incredibly vitriolic speech, President Ortega lashed out at The Netherlands, saying that Nicaragua is “not a Dutch colony.” To trash the Dutch is a sure sign that a country is trying to pick a fight with some of the most friendly countries on earth (kind of like the Chinese government threatening Canada not so long ago).

But the Sandinista government did not stop at trashing The Netherlands. The Nicaraguan government said it will not allow the newly appointed U.S. ambassador to Nicaragua Hugo Rodriguez from entering the country. This is because U.S. ambassador said some “unflattering things” about the Nicaraguan government at his U.S. Senate hearing to confirm him as ambassador (even if those unflattering things were true). It is very hard to say nice things about the Nicaraguan government when it imprisons, tortures and kills political opponents of the regime. Those who are lucky manage to escape. Speaking of kicking foreign officials out, the Nicaraguan government said that European Union ambassador to Nicaragua Bettina Muscheidt must leave Nicaragua. So now the European Union is persona non grata in Nicaragua too.

Is Nicaragua trying to become the North Korea of Central America? I have long given up trying to figure out what dictatorial strong men think. This year has been a year of how crazy mad strong men can act. There is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and his threat of using nuclear weapons. There is Chinese President Xi Jinping’s threat of invading Taiwan and starting World War III. Now, North Korean Premier Kim Jong-un has launched a ballistic missile over Japan (which thankfully did not explode or land on Japan). Russia, China and North Korea all possess chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and they are putting the world on edge as it is. Thankfully, Nicaragua does not possess any weapons of mass destruction. So the only thing the Sandinista Party can do is throw a tizzy fit against the world.

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