Library Selects New Logos Created by Local Students

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

Last year, 2021, was the Centennial Anniversary of the Cicero Public Library.  Last year was filled with numerous anniversary events, which led to the Library Board to consider the next 100 years. Library President Ismael Vargas, and the Library Board of Trustees asked Sandra Tomschin, Library Director, to come up with a new logo for the Library. Mrs. Tomschin contacted J.S. Morton District 201 to see if the Graphic Arts Students/Teachers would be interested in participating in a contest to design the new logo for the Library. President Vargas said, “We are blessed to have so many talented students in our district.  For years to come, our First Place student winner Imani Rupert will see her work reflected in our library publications and material.” “The students were very interested, and excited to get real world experience, with working with a client, and delivering a final product,” Tomschin said. “I met with both classes and gave the students background information on what the expectations were. And they did a great job in designing a variety of logos.”

Tomschin said the competition was extremely competitive and the Library reviewed many great submissions. After several months of hard work, the final designs were posted on Facebook for the community to have a voice in the selection. The results and all logos were presented to the Library Board of Trustees, and the top 5 students were awarded scholarships for their work. On Monday, November 14th, at their regularly scheduled Board Meeting, the Library Board of Trustees selected their new logo, designed by Imani Rupert of Morton West. Ms. Rupert also received a $500 scholarship award. Second Place went to Marquise Kerry Hurst of Morton West, receiving a $300 scholarship; Third Place went to Janet Torres, Morton East with a $200 Scholarship; Fourth Place went to Priscilla Mendez Ocampo of Morton West with a $100 Scholarship; and, Fifth Place went to Tanya Lopez of Morton East with a $100 scholarship.

Photo Caption: Cicero Library President Ismael Vargas, Executive Director Sandra Tomschin and Logo winning designer Imani Rupert. November 2022

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