The Reckoning

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryRegardless of who really gains from the U.S. mid-term elections on November 8th, this country is so divided that it will affect just about every aspect of America. One issue I can start with is abortion. Regardless of where a person stands on abortion, there are constitutional amendments being proposed for abortion both for and against it being legal in Kentucky, Michigan and Vermont. In Kentucky, the proposed amendment to its state constitution would make abortion that much harder to get for any reason. Abortion is already illegal in Kentucky. In Michigan and Vermont, their proposed abortion constitutional amendments would broaden the rights for women to be able to obtain abortions. Abortion is legal in both states.

In Illinois, there is a voting proposal for amending the Illinois Constitution for workers rights. Most people who vote for the Democratic Party will vote for it, and most people who vote for the Republican Party will vote against it. One side will see it as a necessity for protecting basic rights for workers, while the other will see it as an attack on business. Then there will be proposals in various states for whether to legalize marijuana or for striking from their constitutions whether those convicted of crimes should have their voting rights restored or not. In the case of most who vote Democrat, such voters will most likely vote for legalization of marijuana and for restoring the rights of those convicted of crimes to be able to vote again. On the Republican side, it will most likely be for keeping marijuana illegal and making sure that the voting rights of convicted felons are not restored.

Regardless, the odds are violence by those on the extreme left or right may break out for those who see “voter fraud” and what either one will see as an attempt by either the Democrats or the Republicans of trying to “take over.” The odds are the violence might come more from the political right because the Democrats are largely in charge of the federal government and Democratic proposals seem to be more favored by voters than Republican ones. On the abortion issue alone, the violence could go equally either way. The way I see it, the U.S. mid-term elections will simply add more fuel to the fire of the political divide and cause even more violence. One way or another, I see the reckoning coming.

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