City Colleges of Chicago Take Part in the Caring Campus Program

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All seven of City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) now take part in the Caring Campus program designed to enhance the student experience. Malcolm X College reaches milestone as the 100th community college to join Caring Campus, the student success program of the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC). Malcolm X College joins the six other City Colleges of Chicago in participating in Caring Campus: Harold Washington College, Truman College, Kennedy-King College, Olive-Harvey College, Richard J. Daley- College, and Wilbur Wright College. Caring Campus coaches college faculty and staff to implement research-based behaviors that increase student connectedness. These behaviors are designed to help students feel that they are welcome and belong at the community college and that the faculty and staff are supporting them. Students come where they are welcome and stay where they feel cared about. Caring Campus is based on decades of research documenting that students who feel connected to their college are more likely to complete and succeed in their courses, persist from semester to semester, and achieve their educational goals.  Caring Campus is particularly important for students from historically underserved populations and students less familiar with college to feel welcome and that they belong in college. Caring Campus participants nationally report improvements in course retention and success, increased term-to-term persistence, and improved completion and transfer. Achievement gaps are being closed rapidly among demographic groups. Job satisfaction and relationships between staff, faculty and leadership also improve. Participating staff and faculty report that Caring Campus is valuable to their students, themselves, and the college. For more information, visit

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