Pilsen Neighbors Community Council to Host DACA, Immigration Summit

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Pilsen Neighbors Community Council and our partners will be hosting a DACA & Immigration Summit this upcoming April 1st from 10 am to 3 pm at Arturo Velázquez Institute, 2800 S Western Ave. The goal is to update DACA recipients on what is happening with DACA at the national level, as well hosting DACA renewal eligibility screenings, and eligibility for DACA renewal fee support. In addition, immigration attorneys will talk about what is the Advance Parole permit and who qualifies for it. Participants will have the opportunity to ask any questions to the attorneys regarding their immigration concerns. During the event City Colleges across Chicago will be providing resources regarding educational scholarships for students. Lastly, a virtual conference will be hosted with DACA Recipients who have applied for Advance Parole and were able to travel to their birth country.

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