The People of Chicago Have Spoken

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryWhat a whirlwind the last four years have been for Chicago. When Lori Lightfoot was elected, I do not think that I or anyone else could have seen what was coming. The year 2020 has changed not just Chicago but also America and the entire world. The sad thing in my view was how thoroughly unprepared so much of America’s leadership was for the pandemic and the political upheavals that occurred. People were virtually ordered to stay in their homes, their tiny apartments, their slums and told if they left they would die from this as yet almost unknown virus. The authorities acted through fear mongering more than anything else. People were even fined for just doing things like going to the grocery store or not wearing a mask in public.

It just got progressively worse from there. Not surprisingly people, in order to get out of their confinements, took to the streets and we had extreme leftist violence against statues (mostly against Christopher Columbus), and then against the police trying to keep order, and then finally against each other. This comes as no shock to me if people are kept in confinement for too long and then fear-mongered into meekly obeying authority. Lori Lightfoot was far from being the only one who failed in this test of leadership to be fair. This was happening in other cities across the country. Just as equally predictable was the widespread out-of-control crime that happened. Chicago was (and still is) far from being the only city to experience this. Lori Lightfoot was far from being the only one to put Chicago into draconian lock downs even when vaccines for the corona virus had already been discovered and were being administered.

In many ways, we are all still dealing with the repercussions of what happened in 2020. Crime is still a problem. While the pandemic has subsided because of the widespread availability of vaccines, we have now come across the far larger problems of inflation and shortages of at times even basic consumer goods due to supply chain issues. In this respect, the current leadership in this country has failed the people, and people are understandably in a dark mood because of it. So, the vote is in and Lightfoot is out. Lori Lightfoot was far from being the only leader of a major city whose leadership left something to be desired, but now she has paid the price by not being elected for a second term. Whoever is elected I can only hope that person will be able to deal with the grand canyon of problems Chicago faces.

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