The Right Wing Movement With Or Without Trump

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryA whole lot of stuff can happen in almost two years. We might see a replay of the 2020 election if somehow Donald Trump becomes the Republican Party nominee for president and current U.S. President Joe Biden becomes the Democratic Party nominee for president. Biden might die in office, or Trump might die. Trump might be convicted and go to prison so that would prevent him from running for the presidency. Other Democratic and Republican candidates might be nominated by their parties and run for the presidency. A highly unlikely but still possible third party candidate might stand a chance and become president. Things are so fluid and volatile that the future for who might become president is highly uncertain here in America.

One thing though, the political right wing of the Republican Party and the political right as a whole will be far from dead if Trump somehow does not or cannot run for the highest office. Ever since the political right emerged in the late 1970’s with the rise of Ronald Reagan who was elected in 1980. The political right has had its ups and downs, its triumphs and its failures, but it always seemed to reinvent itself and come back stronger. No, I am NOT praising the political right, but am offering a non-partisan view of a force to be reckoned with.

No matter what has changed of it during almost half a century, there are still key elements that makes the political right wing what it is. First, it has a messianic religious bent. No matter what group or groups the political right may be, religion plays a very powerful role in its character. The religion of choice is Christianity, although there are some fundamentalist Jewish groups thrown in there. There is no doubt that the political right does not want a separation of religion from state, and wants to promote religion in all walks of life from our public schools to the judiciary and in the state and federal legislature. Second, the political right believes in a strong leader. This is why it was so easy for a person like Donald Trump to become the candidate for president and eventually president. A strongman who will steer the country in the direction the political right wants has always been one of its goals.

Finally, the political right wants to deprive any opposition of any power. It certainly does not believe in power sharing, and why the political right uses its influence in the Republican Party to promote and elect candidates who support their positions to push through legislation favorable to the right. This is why we are seeing largely Republican-dominated states making laws to restrict voter access, ban abortion, cut funding for public education, etc. As far back as I can remember, the political right has been promoting these things long before Donald Trump had come along to back the right wing agenda. And even if Trump were to go away in the foreseeable future, the political right will not go away. The political right might go into decline, and may look like it is on the verge of disappearing, but will adapt and come back with a vengeance. History has shown us there will be a political right with or without Donald Trump.

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