PepsiCo, South and Westside Organizations Launch Summer Programs

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

This summer, PepsiCo will pilot a paid internship program, which leads with a reverse mentorship component that is designed with and for young people from the South and West Side communities. Through this internship, both mentors and mentees can expect to develop leadership skills and training, build meaningful relationships rooted in finding common ground, and share lived experiences across generations. This program is part of the company’s PREP (Pathways to Readiness and Empowerment Program) initiative focused on supporting Black and Hispanic youth on the South and West Sides. The summer pilot will include young people ages 16-24 residing in Greater Chicago Lawn, Englewood and North Lawndale. The strategy of reverse mentorship honors and values the expertise of mentees and acknowledges traditional mentors have much to learn from younger people with social and racial identities different from theirs. The relationship is focused on mutual growth and development, fostering a new relationship, and helping each party see beyond their experience to gain new skills, perspectives and understanding. The new community-focused paid internship program is designed to provide young people from the South and West communities with six weeks of dynamic experiences across multiple PepsiCo businesses in marketing, sales, operations, food service, and retail. Youth participants will benefit from corporate exposure, 1-on-1 mentoring, weekly projects and activities, and a capstone event.

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